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    Award Introduction 

    DRIVENxDESIGN由Mark Bergin于2010年創立,由兩萬個組織團體,七萬五千名會員所共同組成的社群,以市場為中心的設計競賽,提供獎項給優秀設計師和委托業者的項目。

    Founded in 2010 by Mark Bergin, DRIVENxDESIGN is a community of 20,000 organizations with 75,000 members, a market-focused design competition that offers awards to outstanding designers and projects.


    The New York Design Awards cover 40 professional categories, and entries are judged on a variety of criteria, including originality, creativity, theme, audience connection and engagement, as well as experiential design and commercial purpose. The judging process consists of advisory panels, each of them consisting over 180 global design experts.

    深圳太合南方設計的獵天翡翠龍來營銷中心項目榮獲美國NEW YORK DESIGN AWARDS 2021"室內-國際銷售中心類-銀獎。

    The Lie Tian • Fei Cui Long Lai Sales Center project designed by Shenzhen Tai He Nan Fang Design South won the US NEW YORK DESIGN AWARDS 2021" Indoor-International Sales Center category-Silver Award.


     Certificate of award

    Lie Tian • Fei Cui Long Lai Sales Center

    Interior Design - International Sales Center

    NEW YORK Design Awards 2021

    Project Creator

    Shenzhen TaiHe NanFang Architectural Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Project Commissioner

    Lietian Investment Group

    Project Team

    Wang Wuping, Liu Zhiyong, Zhou Hongmin, Cha Yong, Huang Jing


    Awarded Project


    The circulations shift in a gentle manner. The glass sculpture at the reception foyer features a curved, organic form, which integrates with the geometric textures of the space. Its transparent texture reflects varying hues of the space. The whole sculpture is like a “fish” jumping out of water, leaving layers of ripples. Beside it is a round crisscrossed mortise-and-tenon art installation, which presents an abstract image of "moon" and shows the fusion of the real and virtual. With “clear water surface” reflecting the “moon”, the scene reveals a sense of art and a vibrant ambience.

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